As a MasterCard and customer, we want to inform you of an upcoming change regarding supported encryption protocols for internet browsers and other integrations that access MasterCard and applications and services. Background Information On 15 October 2014, Google researchers published details on the security vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566) that affects the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) version 3.0 […]

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PayPal- a worldwide payment processor and a known brand in over 190 countries; it is the most famous name in online payments. Offering payments on your online store with PayPal does not only save the costs of purchasing an SSL certificate; but it adds the credibility to your store. Eventually increasing your revenue. Furthermore, setting […]

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Categories: Online Payment is an international payment specialist, acting both as Acquiring Bank and Payment Gateway. Through direct relationship with Visa, MasterCard and all major international and local payment schemes, has been serving leading e-commerce merchants in Asia, Europe and recently Middle-East for more than 5 years. We’re happy to announce the launch of integration with […]

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Online payment gateways are basically considered as the Point of Sale for online retail. In the MENA region; not long ago, fear of online payments existed. Despite the fact, online payments can be considered safer, easier ways of payment transactions. Functionality: Before digging into which payment gateways to use let’s see how they actually work […]

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بوجود طرق الدفع و الشحن المختلفة في كل بلد، من الممكن أن تستصعب أخذ القرار الصحيح، فبإختلاف معدل التحويل و أسعار الاعداد و الأوراق الرسمية المطلوبة يصبح من الصعب إختيار الطريقة الأنسب. لذلك قمنا في شوب جو بجمع جميع هذه المعلومات في مكان واحد لنقدمها لجميع زبائننا في الوطن العربي.  تحتوي الخارطة على أسعار الشحن […]

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