As a merchant, you should always identify your business’ high sale season, a season that is in most cases associated to a holiday. The season can go on for a month, a week or maybe a weekend. During this time, sales could double- or even triple! So have a clear plan and be ready for  your high season.
How can you be prepared for your high season?
Below are 5 ways:
1. Create a sales Landing Page or category for the Big Sale:
Your high season is when you get the most sales throughout the year! Make sure all your customers and visitors know about any discounts or special offers you have during this time. Even those who are not necessarily landing directly on the ‘sale’ landing page, the main banners on your homepage can help you drive awareness.
    1. Making the “season” category visible on the main menu bar at all times
    2. Make sure the discount is clear on all banners.
    3. In case some of your products are excluded from the discounts, make sure this is clearly stated. The last thing you want is angry customers during holidays!
2. Pre orders for out of stock products:
  1. You can offer your customers to pre order some products that have a limited stock availability. Or even email your customer base about the pre-sale products before the high season to guarantee delivery.
  2. Add the discounted products on the landing page as “Out of Stock” until you are ready to accept orders with the discounted rates.
You can use Magento’s backorder feature (under System > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory) to activate to display the out of stock products.
3. Stock availability: Expect to have a higher number of orders during the season so make sure you have yourself covered with suppliers to avoid having stock shortages and delays in deliveries. Remember to:
  1. Enable the display of out of stock products.
  2. Call customers who order an “out of stock” product to inform them of its availability.
  3. Update customers by email or phone about the product availability.
You can use the Mandrill extension to update your customers of stock availability.
4. Most popular products: Wisely choose the products to promote during the holiday season. Your most popular products alone will not be enough so here is a list you should consider:
  1. Electronics and gadgets
  2. Gifts
  3. Fashion
  4. Sports goods
  5. Fragrances
  6. Cosmetics
5. Social Media! Your email subscribers will know about your holiday offers through your newsletters and your site visitors will know through the banners on your store, but what about your fans? Social Media is the best way to reach existing and potential customers. This can be done by:
  1. Having more frequent posts throughout all your channels with a link to the landing page.
  2. Updating your cover photo and banners to announce the offers
  3. Always add a link to the landing page.
  4. Make sure links are trackable to identify your most converting channel.
  5. Remember, there are paid social media avenues such as Promoted posts and tweets,so make sure you allocate a budget for your marketing campaigns.
Stay tuned for Automation which will also help you during this important time!

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