Automation will make your life easier. I can guarantee it especially with the high season coming around the corner. During this season, you may experience a higher number of visitors to your site, engagement from social media and a larger number of orders than usual. This may cause an increase in workload and stress levels.
Below are some tips to engage with your clients and make them feel more welcomed:
  1. Welcoming:
    1. Newsletters: Welcome your new subscribers by engaging with them the second they join your customer list.
    2. Social Media: sending a welcoming tweet to new followers.
    3. Purchase activity: thanking people for their purchase and allowing them to track their shipment and  giving an estimated delivery time.
    4. Pages visited: Sending an email a few seconds after a certain set of products were visited.We find that offering a discount at this stage can encourage a buyer to purchase.
    5. Returning customers: Make sure you follow up with your existing customers and offer them a set of related products to keep them engaged. In other words cross sell your products to bring clients back to your site.
All the above activities can be easily automated by using Mailchimp, Mandrill, IFTTT and Zapier. These services can be used for free with some limitations, you may have to upgrade.
And here are 3 more Automation tips to consider:
1. As your orders start to roll in, electronic invoices is a good way to save time. You or your logistics team can send an electronic invoice to client’s emails. This also saves paper!
  1. Email Workflows: Your promotions might last for a week or even two weeks, making sure you’ve got yourself covered with the right content is highly recommended. There will always be changes and edits to the content as you move on, which can be easily fixed as long as a ready email template is available.
  2. Automate your Social Media posts: since you will be posting more frequently, make sure you schedule around 30 to 50 posts about your high season You can always go back to your scheduled posts and edit.
Tools like Hootsuite, Hubspot, Buffer, IFTTT, and Tweetdeck can help in social media automation.
Keep calm and automate!

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