ShopGo بشرى سارّة لجميع زبائن 
Sweet Tooth لاتفوّت شراكتنا مع
؟ShopGo ماذا تعني لك هذه الشراكة كزبون لـ
 زيادة في عدد الزبائن-
 زيادة في المبيعات بنسبة 15%-
 زيادة شعبية متجرك الإلكتروني-
 زيادة التفاعلات على صفحتك في الفيسبوك-
 بناء علاقاتك مع زبائنك-
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Good News for All ShopGo Clients!
You can now Reward Loyal Customers and Increase your Sales
Don’t miss out on our recent partnership with Sweet Tooth.
What does this partnership mean for you as a ShopGo client?
  1. Increase of number of customers
  2. 15% increase of sales
  3. Increase of the popularity of your e-business
  4. Increase of interactions…

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How to issue a Credit Memo
Some customers prefer offline shopping because usually shops give them the option of exchange and return but this is rarely found in online stores. If you want to offer this option to your clients you can change the order status even after the order…

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إن بعض الزبائن يفضلون التسوق من المتاجر على التسوق من الإنترنت وإحدى هذه الأسباب هو عدم القدرة على الترجيع او الإستبدال. إذا كنت تريد إعطاء زبائنك هذه الميزة تستطيع تغيير حالة الطلب حتى بعد إتمام عملية الشراء. للقيام بذلك يمكنك إتباع الخطوات التالية
يمكنك إلغاء الطلب وذلك عن…

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At ShopGo, we help emerging small businesses get off the ground and grow their business to a successful online store. We work very hard to bring to our merchants the best practices in eCommerce and to offer innovative solutions for their online store. We think on behalf of our merchants, test on behalf of them and offer our end user the best online shopping experience We are a team of highly dedicated individuals. Our team shares two things: a passion for problem solving, and a commitment to excellence. We love to help our merchants. And we don’t wait for them to ask, we build a knowledge base for them. In addition we love to hear their questions.

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