The feel and touch barrier can be considered as a de-motivator of online shopping; for this reason, customer reviews and ratings can play a major role to surmounting this issue. Word of mouth is always a puissant technique; enabling your customers to write their opinion about your products is a crucial step in the online shopping process. […]

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Front Merchant extension is a new free feature developed by ShopGo this feature allows different suppliers to add their own products on your online store. So what does this extension do? If you own an online store and have different suppliers you can add this extension; enabling them to add their own products. An example […]

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As an entrepreneur owning an offline or an online business you are definitely striving to increase your startup’s success and market presence. While you can find too many resources on how to manage your company; the mobility of eCommerce theories; the fast movement in technology and the changes in people’s tastes are all adding up […]

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Is a term used when a customer who intends to make an online purchase does not complete the checkout process. There are many reasons why abandoned shopping carts occur and this act must be taken into consideration by you as an e-tailer. Ignoring cart abandonment is not within the interest of your business because you […]

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Persistent shopping carts One way to keep your customers engaged with your store is by using persistent shopping cart feature, this is a feature found on the platform that allows you to update your customers who still have items on their shopping carts. The next time the user logs in to your store, the items […]

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